Submitting Patches

  1. Before submitting patches, please make sure that you are starting your work on the current HEAD of the git repository.

  2. Please checkout the file for guidelines on how to properly format your code.

  3. Describe your changes. Each patch will be reviewed, and the reviewers need to understand why you did what you did.

  4. Sign-Off each commit, so the changes can be properly attributed to you and you explicitly give your agreement for distribution under linuxptp’s license. Signing-off is as simple as:

    git commit -s

    or by adding the following line (replace your real name and email) to your patch:

    Signed-off-by: Random J Developer <>

  5. Finally, send your patches via email to the linuxptp-devel mailing list, where they will be reviewed, and eventually be included in the official code base.

    git send-email --to origin/master